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OMG Monday! Tupac’s Killer Arrested, Taylor

Welcome to a new series we’re calling OMG Monday! This is a bite-sized look into...
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10 More Dumbest Criminals! | WTF

A Nebraska man calls 911 on himself, a man attempting to rob a nail salon...
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Serial Killer Grandparents: Ray and Faye

The golden years are usually filled with retirement, family time, and lots of grandchildren. In...

History of 911 and 10 of

Welcome to another thrilling episode of WTF Wednesday! Join Amber and Gina as we talk...
10 Dumbest Criminals In The News! | Wtf Wednesday #4

UNSOLVED: The Sodder Children Disappearance: Fire,

On Christmas night, 1945, George and Jennie Sodder woke up to their house in flames...

Strangest Deaths You’ve Never Heard Before!

Death is an inevitable part of life and when we go we can only hope...
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