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Brandon Lee and The Haunting History of “The Crow” | Halloween Special!

In honor of Spooky Season, Amber and I are talking about one of her favorite movies, The Crow. The Crow came out in 1994 and starred the beautiful and brilliant Brandon Lee, who was tragically killed on set during filming. Being killed on set during the making of a film definitely falls within the true crime genre, right? Amber will take a deep dive into James O’Barr, the man who wrote and drew the original comic that The Crow is based on. We’ll talk about who Brandon Lee was during his short life, and his struggle to be known as more than Bruce Lee’s son. Amber will also share some creepy happenings that took place on and around the lot where The Crow was filmed – it seemed to have a curse on it from the start.

If you’re a fan of The Crow, we’d love to hear more about what this movie means to you!

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