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Podcast Takeover with F**k That Podcast – Ronald Gene Simmons – The Father from Hell

Hey little skeletons! Unfortunately we don’t have an episode for you today BUT we do have a podcast takeover! Our friend Ashley from the podcast F**k That is taking over the feed today with such a good episode. Ashley is so well researched and she does such a good job telling the story of the case! Remember, if you enjoyed the episode, please do all the things!! Like, subscribe, follow, rate, and review!

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Ronald Gene Simmons will forever be known as β€œThe Father From Hell.” After tormenting his family with his unrelenting abuse, he developed an infatuation with one of his daughters. Once this daughter established boundaries and left the Simmons home, Ronald began to plot his revenge on over a dozen people during the holidays in 1987. His rampage remains the deadliest mass murder in Arkansas history, and the deadliest mass murder of a family in American history.

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Thank you to this week’s sources:
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Ronald Gene Simmons

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