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The Disappearances and Discoveries of Miriam Ruth Hemphill, Erin Foster and Jeremy Bechtel

Gina and Amber dive into the world of missing persons this week with two cases with very similar outcomes. 84 year-old Miriam Ruth Hemphill went missing in 2005 in Oak Ridge, Tennessee after leaving home in her 1999 Buick LeSabre. She and her car were never seen again. Miriam had recently lost her 44 year-old daughter to suicide, and left behind a cryptic note and a newspaper clipping about a car that drove into the water.

In 2000, Erin Foster and Jeremy Bechtel were on their way to a party in Sparta, Tenessee, when they went missing along with Erin’s 1988 Pontiac Grand Am. Despite many leads and searches, the pair were never found and left many unanswered questions.

Jeremy Sides, from the Youtube channel Exploring with Nug, brought new light to the case when he started searching waterways for their vehicles. Amazingly, he found Miriam’s car and Erin’s car in November of 2021.

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