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The Story of Gannon Stauch & his Evil Stepmother Letecia Stauch – Part 2

Hey little skeletons! This week, Amber & Gina are discussing Part 2 of the absolutely awful true crime case of Gannon Stauch. Gannon was a bright and cheery 11-year-old boy who went missing from his Colorado Springs, Colorado, home on January 27, 2020. His stepmother, Letecia Stauch, gave investigators the run around from the beginning, changing her story on multiple occasions and being uncooperative for police. We will break down the timeline of events, the initial stories Letecia told, and some of the questionable choices she made during the inital investigation.

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Letecia ‘Tecia’ Stauch: Stepmom of Missing Child Gannon Stauch Arrested

Gannon Stauch: Teaching license permanently revoked for alleged killer stepmother, accused of murdering 11-year-old boy

Stepmom arrested in Gannon Stauch disappearance was fired from teaching job days before boy went missing

Affidavit reveals police timeline of Gannon Stauch’s murder
Arrest Affidavit:
Letecia’s Interview with Spencer Wilson on January 31, 2020
Body Cam footage of Leticia talking with police officer on Jan 28:

Life Insurance Policy:
Law and Crime:
Leticia’s statement on Feb 11(?)

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