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Episode Scripts – The Tragic True Crime Case of Gannon Stauch and his Evil Stepmom Leticia Stauch – Part 1

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Hey, little skeletons! I’m Gina – And I’m Amber! – and this is Weird True Crime!

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Amber: Today’s case is a little different than the others we have covered so far.  

Gina: Different in the aspect that the jury just gave a guilty verdict on Monday, May 8 of this year, and the guilty party received a sentence of life in prison without parole.

Amber: Today we are going to cover the disappearance and tragic murder of 11-year-old Gannon Stauch. Some of you may know every detail of the case and have been following it since Gannon’s disappearance in January 2020, and some of you may have no idea what we’re talking about.

Gina: If this is your first time hearing about this case, strap in because you’re in for a wild ride.


Amber: 11-year-old Gannon Stauch was reported missing on January 27, 2020, by his stepmother, Letecia Stauch, who claimed that Gannon had left their home in Colorado Springs, CO somewhere between 3:15 pm and 4:00 pm to walk to a friend’s house, but he never made it there, or back home. Over the next few days, hundreds of people would assist law enforcement in their extensive search in locating Gannon. By January 30, 2020, Gannon was no longer considered a runaway, but listed as “missing and endangered” due to his age, the duration he had been missing, the cold weather, and possible medication he had needed.

Gina: Gannon Stauch, affectionately referred to as “G-Man” by his friends and family, was born on September 29, 2008, to Eugene “Al” Stauch and Landen Hoitt weighing in at only one pound, 6 ounces as he was over three months premature. Despite being given a 10 percent chance for survival, Gannon beat all the odds and thrived. Landen recalled a doctor telling her that if Gannon did survive, he would face physical and mental disabilities – instead, he went on to participate in Gifted and Talented programs in school and was considered above average physically for boys of his age range. On January 22, 2012, Gannon became a big brother to a little sister named Laina. She idolized Gannon and called him “Bubba.” He was a superhero in the eyes of his loved ones. 

Amber: Gannon’s mother and father eventually split, resulting in Landon and Al sharing custody of Gannon and Laina. Their mother remarried and continued to live in South Carolina while Al moved with the kids for his full-time National Guard duty. His career took them to Alaska, back to South Carolina, and eventually to Colorado. Gannon did well in school and had a lot of friends. He loved tacos, Nintendo, Sonic the Hedgehog, and his favorite color was blue. He and his father would spend time together playing video games and building with Legos. Al married Letecia Hardin, whose previous married name was Letecia Hunt, in January 2015. Al, Gannon, Laina, Letecia, and  Letecia’s daughter, Harley Hunt, from her previous marriage, settled in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

Gina: We don’t like when the murderer becomes the focus of our story – we’re here to remember Gannon, but going over some of Letecia’s background makes it apparent that she has a history of making questionable choices and has a propensity for lying. Letecia, also known as “Tecia” or “Tee” was born on August 4, 1983, and allegedly received a doctorate in Education from Liberty University, an online college. Before Letecia married Al Stauch, she had been charged with first-offense domestic violence in South Carolina in 2010, but the case was later dropped. In 2001 she was arrested three different times. Once in February for communicating threats, once in April for simple assault, and once in June for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. She was placed on probation in 2002 following these arrests. In June 2015, Leticia signed an annual contract with the Marion County School District to work as a social studies teacher. After attending the five-day orientation and the first two days of the school year, she never returned to school. She ignored phone calls and didn’t provide a resignation or contact the school to let them know she wouldn’t be returning. She stated she left the district due to harassment she received when requesting to leave the district due to an impending military move. These claims were unsubstantiated. The district also discovered she signed a contract with a school district in Charleston, South Carolina, for the same time period. Her teaching certificate was revoked due to a breach of contract. 

Amber: When she moved to Colorado in 2018, she listed herself as a curriculum developer for District 49 in Colorado Springs on her LinkedIn and Facebook profiles. However, District 49 officials would later state they had no record of Letecia Stauch as an employee at any time. She lasted one semester at French Elementary School in Colorado Springs before she resigned. Just prior to Gannon’s murder, Leticia applied for a job at Mountain View Middle School for a resource manager position, which is a teacher who works with students who have special learning needs and manages the files and documentation for those students. Leslie Hicks, the Vice Principal at the school, was a member of the interviewing team. When she called one of Leticia’s references, a woman named Connie Huddle, she noted that the caller ID said the number belonged to Eugene Stauch. A woman answered the phone and when Leslie asked for Connie, the woman hung up. If you remember, Leticia’s husband Al’s legal name is Eugene. Leticia’s resume also stated that she received her doctorate from Liberty University and went by “Doctor,” but this was never verified by the school. Regardless of these strange incidences, Leslie offered Leticia the job. The last time Leslie saw Leticia was on Friday, January 24. She said Leticia seemed completely fine and didn’t appear to have any issues going on at the time. 

Gina: Leticia’s employment history isn’t the only thing about her past that leaves us scratching our heads. According to her husband, Al, there were numerous times during their relationship when she was either manipulative or deceptive. She claimed to be pregnant with twins and sent him an ultrasound as proof of the news. However, Al never went to a doctor’s appointment related to the alleged pregnancy and was confident she never attended one on her own. On another occasion, she claimed to have been injured on the job when she either fell or a bookshelf fell on her. But he never saw any physical injuries on her from the accident. Leticia even admitted to making up stories about burglaries in their home and that at one point, Gannon threatened her with a knife. Gannon was a very kind child and Al never witnessed him make any sort of threatening comments to Leticia or in reference to her.

Amber: Let’s run through a quick timeline of January 27, 2020, the day Gannon was reported missing. That morning, Letecia texted Al, Gannon’s father, letting him know that he had been up most of the night with stomach problems and was staying home from school. She contacted the school and let them know Gannon was sick and would be staying home. Letecia also texted her new boss, Assistant Principal Leslie Hicks, stating that she would not be able to make it to work because her stepfather had been hit by a car and killed. Why did she feel the need to tell her boss that her stepfather had died and she was traveling to South Carolina? (enter thoughts here if you want) Gannon had a doctor’s appointment that day, but he never went. Instead, he went to Petco with Letecia and returned home around 2:00 p.m. He then left home between 3:15 – 4 p.m. to walk to a friend’s house, according to Letecia. The family had plans to go to dinner at 6 p.m. and when Gannon hadn’t returned home, Letecia began to worry. She goes to the friend’s house to get Gannon, but they say he hasn’t been there. Letecia Stauch called 911 around 6:55 p.m. to report Gannon missing. By 7:32 pm, Gannon Stauch is entered into state and national databases as an active runaway. Authorities conducted an initial search of the Stauch home and took Letecia’s statement, but Gannon was not located. Here’s the recording of the initial interview Leticia did with the police on January 27. Please note we have edited it down slightly for time and to cut out any unnecessary information.

Begins @ :33 seconds – ends around 12:12; starts again around 13:40 –
Note: Keep question/answer portions, cut out where she’s reciting her identifying info (name/phone number) or any breaks in the conversation
Bodycam Audio: Letecia Stauch on Stepson’s Disappearance

Gina: There are a few interesting things to mention here. She says that someone sent her a video or picture of Gannon walking to his friend’s house and holding his Nintendo Switch case, but she never shows the officer this video or picture. Letecia stated that she attempted to find Gannon at a neighbor’s house and even sent her daughter, Harley, to go find him at a park. Letecia was unable to provide the actual location of the homes that she went to, the names of Gannon’s friends he was supposed to be playing with, or the names of the parents of Gannon’s friends – all information parents typically know at least one key aspect of. She also mentioned that he made a search on his phone earlier that day that said “Can my parents find me if my phone is off.” But Gannon’s phone was still home when he was reported missing. Letecia then tells the officer that Gannon texted his dad asking about bath salts and that she found a cigar in his backpack. I get the vibe that the officers are already thinking that her story doesn’t make much sense – she talks quickly and in a very nonchalant way for a woman whose stepson is missing. They have a ring doorbell but don’t have any recordings to show him coming or going from the residence. I could be reading into nothing here, but she also takes her sweet time when the officer asks her for her name and date of birth. The whole vibe is just… weird.

Amber: A tip line was established and investigators received hundreds of phone calls and emails with tips and leads. Two ransom notes were received via email demanding money (in the form of bitcoin) in exchange for Gannon’s return. According to the affidavit, investigators “took steps to validate these ransom notes, including resolving and geolocating the IP addresses from the email headers, and requesting subscriber information from the Internet Service Providers that hosted those IP addresses.” Turns out, one of the ransom notes was sent from a foreign-based email account accessible by multiple people. Investigators were unable to trace the users of the IP addresses and deduced that the ransom notes were hoaxes just to scheme money. While tips and leads poured into the tip line, search parties, and drones were brought in the night Gannon was reported missing. Temperatures are dangerously cold this time of year in Colorado, and authorities wasted no time bringing in helicopters and search dogs. A ten-mile radius was thoroughly combed through, along with drainage ditches and any other place an 11-year-old boy could be hidden. Neighbors also joined the search, but unfortunately, no signs of Gannon were found. Who was notably absent from the search? Letecia. 

Gina: Gannon’s father, Al, was notified of his son’s missing status and immediately made plans to return to Colorado Springs. Al had spent the night in Denver on January 25 so he could fly out of the Denver International Airport on January 26 for military training in Oklahoma. On January 28, 2020, Letecia rented a 2019 Kia Rio from Avis Rent-A-Car in Colorado Springs to pick up Al from the airport at about 9:00 in the morning. Letecia’s vehicle, a black Volkswagen Tiguan, was not experiencing any mechanical failures and investigators couldn’t discern any logical reason why the Tiguan couldn’t be driven to the airport. Her explanation to Al about why she rented the car and didn’t drive her own was that the Tiguan was a lease and she didn’t want to put the extra mileage on it since they would be driving around to look for Gannon – even though records showed there were only about 71 miles put on the Rio. When Al asked where the Tiguan was, she told him it was parked at French Elementary School. That same day, the case was turned over to El Paso County Sheriff investigators and detectives conducted interviews, collected surveillance footage, and followed up on additional leads. 

Amber: Jessica Bethel, the lead detective on the case from the El Paso County Sheriff’s office, had contacted Letecia early on in the investigation and requested a meeting with her at the Stauch’s residence which would allow investigators to look for clues while they were there. Letecia was not too keen on that idea and claimed that there were young children in the house and she didn’t want them to overhear the conversation with the police. So instead, she offered to meet at a Starbucks. Bethel and Letecia spoke several times on January 28 between text messages, phone calls, and FaceTime. Letecia never showed up that day because she said her stomach was hurting. When Letecia finally showed up for an interview on the 29th, the interview lasted for over 4 hours. When she arrived two hours late for the interview, which had been scheduled for 10:00 am, she was driving her freshly-washed Tiguan. Surveillance footage from a car wash nearby showed a black SUV matching the description of the Tiguan around 11:30 am. Investigators got a search warrant for her vehicle and it was seized from her while she was at the interview. 

Gina: The first part of the interview seemed to line up with what she originally told the police. Leticia, Gannon, and his little sister, Leina, went hiking at Garden of the Gods on the 26th, the day before Gannon disappeared, and he had mentioned that his stomach hurt. When they arrived home from the hike, Letecia said that the fire alarm went off and she saw smoke coming from downstairs. When she ran down to investigate, she saw Gannon sleeping on the couch next to a small fire that was burning on the floor, and she put it out. She texted Al that evening telling him not to freak out Gannon had knocked over a candle and the carpet had been burned. According to Letecia, Gannon had lit the candle because he had an upset stomach and was trying to cover the smell. Several days later, she releases a video she (accidentally) took right after the incident occurred. We’re going to play the audio now – but want to warn you it’s very hard to listen to. Skip ahead a minute if you don’t want to hear the clip.

Gannon Stauch Crying about the burnt carpet

Amber: This is heartbreaking. Letecia continuously asks him to promise he didn’t do it on purpose and guilts him about how they are going to have to sell things to fix the ruined carpet. She even shushes him when he says he’s just worried about his burns. That is the sound of a truly distraught child. Eventually, this story evolves into a much more dramatic situation. In a phone call with Al, Letecia tells him when the smoke alarm went off, she found Gannon asleep under a blanket that was on fire. She jumped on top of Gannon to put the fire out, and then they all ran from the house and away from the smoke. (She is truly Superwoman to throw herself onto a fire to save her stepson.)
Because he was still complaining of stomach pains, Gannon stayed home from school on Monday and Letecia took off work to stay with him. That day, Letecia noticed marks and burns on Gannon’s arm that began bleeding and peeling and freaked out because she didn’t want Al to find out. She said, “I made a mistake. I swear to y’all, I didn’t know they were that bad.” Letecia and Gannon left the house to go get food and to go to Petco, but Gannon had stayed in the vehicle because he wasn’t feeling well so while she was in the store, Letecia kept an eye on him by walking toward the front of the store to look out the window at her car. They finally arrived home around 2:00 pm. This is where her story changes…drastically. 

Gina: Letecia told Detective Bethel that after the candle incident, she drove around the neighborhood and found a construction worker by the name of “Eguardo” in the new build section. She asked him if he could fix the carpet in her home, and when he said yes, she gave him the code to enter the home, told him where the carpet needed to be replaced, and left $50 on the counter for compensation. She said when they arrived at the house after going to Petco, she heard a noise coming from downstairs but initially didn’t think anything of it because of the man fixing the carpet. Then she heard something in the storage closet and said “he was standing in there, and he had on gloves. And he had one of the guns. I was terrified, and then he just knocked me down.” Letecia then claims she began to cry and freak out before she passed out. When she woke back up, Gannon was missing. Letecia said she lied about what happened because she didn’t want to face the consequences since she was the one that gave the man the code to the house. An interesting thing to note about the recorded interview is that Letecia showed up with several pieces of notebook paper containing notes that she had written down. Throughout the interview, she kept referencing them and asking if she could just read her notes. Even the detective said that she had conducted hundreds of interviews of subjects, victims, and witnesses, and it is extremely rare for someone to bring notes to an interview. Investigators asked Letecia to elaborate on the events that occurred with “Eguardo.”  

Amber: In the affidavit, Letecia says she and Gannon arrived home from their trip to Petco, she disarmed the security system and headed down to the basement where she was attacked by “Eguardo” and held at gunpoint. Oddly enough, “Eguardo” allowed Letecia to go upstairs when her stepdaughter, Laina, arrived home from school around 3:30 and she sent her outside to ride her bike. Between 3:30 pm and 4:30 pm, she claims that she had been raped by the man, but she believed that she had hit her head and may have blacked out at some point. Investigators made a note that during the interview they noted no injuries on her head. Letecia also claimed that during the attack, Gannon had jumped on “Eguardo’s” back but he was able to throw Gannon off across the room. When “Eguardo” was finished attacking Letecia, she states that he held the gun to Gannon and demanded a suitcase, so she gave him a brown suitcase and a cardboard box. Letecia then says that “Eguardo” attempted to sexually assault her again, but she hit her head, again, and blacked out, again. Jessica Bethel states that from her training and experience, if an individual holds another person at gunpoint, he or she would likely not allow the person to have the opportunity for escape as Letecia had described being allowed to greet her stepdaughter upstairs before returning to the basement. She says, “Any reasonable person would have immediately called 911 and reported the home invasion, rape, and kidnapping of their child. Letecia called law enforcement hours later, and did not report the alleged rape until approximately two days later.”

Gina: Even though they had their doubts, investigators did take steps to corroborate Letecia’s statements. They reviewed video footage from a neighbor’s security camera that captured the outside of the Stauch residence on the day Gannon disappeared – they never did see a Hispanic man with brown hair and brown eyes entering the home. They did, however, observe Laina arrive home from the school bus around 3:11 pm, enter the house, and then saw her riding her bike around 3:30. They also offered Letecia to have a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner conduct a forensic examination at a local hospital – but she did not want to have the exam done. She had been asked to provide any other evidence that could possibly identify “Eguardo” but she refused to cooperate. It was at this time that Letecia said she wanted to leave the interview. Investigators seized her cell phone and detained her while trying to get a warrant to collect DNA samples. Letecia began stuffing tissues down her pants, I’m assuming this was an attempt to keep them from taking anything that may have her DNA on it and complained of chest pain and shortness of breath. She was escorted to the hospital in an ambulance by Detectives. During the ride, she was not responsive, but miraculously made a full recovery once she arrived at the hospital. She remained evasive toward detectives once she knew they were actively trying to obtain a warrant for her DNA. Letecia signed herself out and left the hospital before the tests were completed and the warrant had been executed. These are not the actions of a stepparent trying to find their missing child. 

Amber: The same day that Letecia was being questioned at the EPSO, January 29, 2020, Al Stauch gave investigators permission to do an initial investigation in the home. Several items were taken from the home, including a pair of size 8.5 Nike shoes that belonged to Letecia. On January 30, a press conference was held by EPSO to update the public on Gannon’s case. Al Stauch and Gannon’s mother, Landen, pled to the viewers for help. 

Press conference on missing boy | WATCH NOW: El Paso County Sheriff gives update on missing 11-year-old boy, Gannon Stauch | By KKTV 11 News | Facebook
(Clip starts at 12:15 – 15:34)

They both sound so broken. Noticeably missing from the press conference was, you guessdo ed it, Letecia. She and her daughter Harley were not staying in the home at this point. Landen and Letecia had a contentious relationship at best, so it’s understandable that the two women wouldn’t want to be under the same roof. Some reports actually speculate that Al and Letecia’s relationship began while he was still married to Landen. Letecia had a history of posting negative remarks about Landen on Facebook, insinuating that she was a drug user and an unfit mother. Who knows how much of what she said on social media was accurate but given the way this case unfolds, we’re all very aware of who the unfit mother is in this situation. Because EPSO seized Letecia’s car and cell phone during her interview on the 29th of January, she obtained a 2020 Nissan Altima that was rented by her aunt. Unknown to Letecia, EPSO was granted a search warrant to install a tracker on the car. She also bought a new cell phone. 

Gina: On January 31, reporters are posted outside of the family residence when someone begins yelling at them from a passing car. At first, Spencer Wilson, a reporter for KKTV, thinks it’s a man, but upon closer inspection, realizes it’s actually Letecia. Very aware of this huge career opportunity, Spencer asked Letecia if she would like to be interviewed and give her side of the story. After discussing with other family members in the vehicle, she agrees to be interviewed, but only if her back is facing the camera. I think Letecia saw this as a chance to clear the air since she’s obsessed with social media and had seen her name smeared all over the place as a suspect in Gannon’s disappearance. What follows is the audio from that interview.

(Full interview clip – play until 11:22 ish (right after the end of the first message to Gannon)

Letecia Stauch pleads not guilty in death of stepson Gannon; trial expected to start in March 2022

This entire interview reeks of a woman who is just trying to save her own reputation. At no point during the interview does she sound concerned or scared about Gannon’s well-being or his location. Her message to Gannon is self-serving and narcissistic until she realizes that her words may not come off well to the public and she asks Spencer Wilson if she can redo her statement. 

(Same clip as above – begins at 11:22 or when the emotional message starts)
Letecia Stauch pleads not guilty in death of stepson Gannon; trial expected to start in March 2022

I don’t have words for how gross this is after hearing her original words for Gannon. It’s very interesting how she can go from saying her husband owes her an apology for questioning her about his missing son in one breath, and then begging and crying for Gannon’s return in the next. This is such a huge red flag when a person is more concerned about their own reputation than the safety of a child that was in their care.

Amber: The next few days are a whirlwind. Gannon’s disappearance gained national attention and multiple organizations are brought in to help searc h for him. Not only did the search expand, but multiple warrants were granted by the EPSO to further investigate the Stauch residence. The Metro Crime Lab spent several hours at the home, leaving with multiple evidence bags and other items. We’ll go into detail about what was revealed by the evidence, later. At the beginning of February, just days after Gannon went missing, Letecia and her daughter, Harley, packed up and moved out of the house in Colorado Springs. In a show of support for what they believed to be a witch hunt, Letecia’s family traveled from South Carolina to Colorado Springs to help her move out of the home. They rented a Uhaul van and began their cross-country journey. Letecia and Harley make an overnight stop near Pensacola, Florida, on February 4, 2020, before continuing their journey to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. On February 3rd, while Letecia and Harley were on their way out of town, a neighbor was reviewing his Xfinity security camera footage when he found video of Letecia and Gannon leaving their home around 10:15 a.m. on Monday, January 27. Gannon isn’t seen again on video after they arrive back home around 2:14 p.m. The neighbor offered to let Al, Gannon’s father, watch the video. When he realized that Gannon never left the house that afternoon, he broke down crying and said, “She lied. She lied about the time. He did not go to a friend’s house.” This woman he entrusted with his children lied about where Gannon was on the day he disappeared. Letecia was scrambling at this point. With the presence of the crime lab taking out bags of evidence, national media attention, and more and more details coming to the surface, Letecia put out a statement on February 11, 2020. It read:

Gina: First and foremost, I would like to thank all agencies, volunteers, and community members who are working diligently and praying endlessly to bring Gannon home safe. Thank you to my husband who has stayed strong through this and protected our family to the best of his ability and our immediate & extended family members throughout the east coast. To Gannon, please come home soon because your daddy is waiting to watch the new Sonic movie that comes out this week and the cool shirt I got you to wear to the theatre is in your closet.

Social Media has been devastating from the harsh comments, speculations, threats, cyber bullying, etc. It has been a challenge when people are trying to run you off the road, waiting outside your hotel, threatening to kill you, etc. I encourage the Sheriff’s Office to take down those pages that promote negative behavior and violence. Let’s Do what Gannon would do. Be Kind to one another!

We all have engaged in something crazy online at some point but Gannon would want everyone to get along and to focus on finding him.

I know that many people have kids and are invested in this because it hits close to home for them. I would like to think that overall most people are genuine and want to do everything in their power to find G. With that being sad, Please take a step back for a moment and let me explain to you a few details that were not released. For example, just like the video that was leaked, there are additional details that were hidden due to 1) the department doing its job 2) the effects of social media and how some individuals would criticize or hinder the investigation. I chose to listen, I didn’t leak videos or information. But at this time it’s getting later in the process and we just want Gannon home. I feel the need to fill in some gaps. Now let me stress this, POLICE have known this since the first interview.

Saturday Night, G was helping me unload in the garage and cut his foot because there are a lot of tools because Albert does woodworking.

He sat on the edge of the car and we bandaged it up. He was good to go. He always loves helping his dad in the garage build things like his LEGO tables and the flower pot they built for me as a gift. After this, I noticed G kept going to the side of the house.

He told me he was checking to see if the gate was locked because he was the only one with a gate key. It made him proud to be the man of the house while Albert was away. Fast forward, we did a hike on Sunday (cleared), and shopping on Monday ( cleared as well for him getting out of the other side). Please don’t think for a second that there isn’t enough of technology to determine shadows and movement around the truck. There was also proof from my phone that we had taken a selfie in the truck in our driveway that was time stamped. We always send pictures to Albert when we are out and about or when he is away. That can be scanned for actual time verification. Last, from day one the Sheriff’s office has known a description of the person/friend whom Gannon left with.

I explained to them and provided evidence. They had information about G having the key to go out the side gate. Last they have more in-depth details that go along with this pointing to who sent the person or why he may have come. Again, I repeat they have had this Initially and I was asked to keep quiet about it so they could have the best shot at doing their job and bringing G home. The last thing that they needed was a hindrance to their investigation. I encourage you to think of any suspicious cars that may have been in the area watching a few days prior and keep praying for G! – Tecia Stauch”

Amber: That’s a long freaking statement. I hate to say this, but she makes good points about the police having more information than what they are releasing to the public. This is standard procedure when investigating a murder, disappearance, or some other circumstance. And while she does make a valid point, some may also look at this statement and see a woman who’s being extremely defensive. Once again, when talking about her missing stepson, she manages to make the conversation more about herself than Gannon. Letecia says the police know which friend Gannon was with that afternoon, even though Letecia told the police she didn’t know where he went. Also, she’s explaining a situation in the garage where Gannon cut his foot two days before he disappeared. How is this relevant to his disappearance? Is she telling this story to explain away the blood found in the garage? Besides these odd statements, the timeline doesn’t make sense. If Gannon’s foot was injured badly enough to bleed and need bandaging on Saturday evening, why would they go on a hike in Garden of the Gods on Sunday? Then on Monday, he’s too sick to go to school, but doesn’t go to his doctor’s appointment and runs errands with Letecia. And, he’s home sick from school, but allowed to go to a friend’s house that afternoon. We know at this point that there’s no proof of him leaving the home again that day. Unfortunately, weeks go by and there’s no sign of Gannon. Police extend their investigation North of Douglas County Colarado to an area North of Palmer Lake off of Highway 105. On February 21st, law enforcement announced that they were suspending their search for Gannon, but the investigation would continue. 

Gina: Believe it or not, more inconsistencies start popping up in Letecia’s story. She initially stated that Gannon walked to a friend’s house, but when that friend was questioned, they said they never saw him that day. Her stories dramatically changed multiple times since Gannon’s disappearance. She rented cars under suspicious circumstances, refused to comply with police, and even moved out of the state during the investigation.  and the investigators were onto her. So much so, that on March 2, 2020, Letecia was finally arrested. The 32-page affidavit, which is the document that outlines probable cause in support of her arrest, is absolutely bonkers, but you’ll have to wait until next week’s episode for all of the juicy details. 


Amber: We know, we know – we are so mean for leaving this on a cliffhanger, but Gannon deserves for his story to be told thoroughly and completely. Also, I think we could all use a break from Letecia Stauch for a few days. What do y’all think? Is she the shadiest person ever or have you heard worse? Go subscribe on your listening app right now so you don’t miss the next part of the case. Trust us, you don’t want to miss the details in the affidavit. 

Gina: You really don’t want to miss it. If you think she’s hiding something now, just wait until you hear about the other stunts this woman pulls. I’m not going to lie, I’ve never been this invested in a case we’ve covered. I’m not sure if it’s because I have a 10-year-old son and this hits too close to home, or if it’s just because I didn’t know it was possible for a mother to be so conniving and evil. Send us your thoughts on this case by emailing us at or sending us a DM on Instagram or TikTok @weirdtruecrime. We’re going to go hug our babies now.

Until next week, stay safe – and make good choices – bye! Bye bye.


The Story of Gannon Stauch & his Evil Stepmother Letecia Stauch Part 1

Hey little skeletons! This week, Amber & Gina are discussing the absolutely awful true crime case of Gannon Stauch. Gannon was a bright and cheery 11-year-old boy who went missing from his Colorado Springs, Colorado, home on January 27, 2020. His stepmother, Letecia Stauch, gave investigators the run around from the beginning, changing her story on multiple occasions and being uncooperative for police. We will break down the timeline of events, the initial stories Letecia told, and some of the questionable choices she made during the inital investigation. Come back for Part 2 when we’ll break down the affidavit for Letecia’s arrest and her trial.





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