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Weird Headlines Volume 3!

It’s time for some more weird headlines! Y’all are loving these episodes and I totally understand why. You’re in for some funny ones this week. Topics include slimy snails, a vegan meat mogul who needs anger management, sneaky raccoons, and more! Thanks for tuning into Weird True Crime!

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Man Angers MIL After Refusing to Let Her Lick His Ice Cream

Trail of Slime Leads German Customs to Bag of Giant Snails

Beyond Meat exec accused of biting man’s nose outside a game

Beyond Meat suspends executive after he was arrested on suspicion of biting a man’s nose
Doctors Find 55 Batteries In Woman’s Body — “Highest Reported Number” Ever

Official Journal of the Irish Medical Organisation | Management of Cylindrical Battery Ingestion

Patient’s Intentional Ingestion of Knives, Pens, Batteries: Tough Act to Swallow

Raccoons Raid Politician’s Home and Defecate on Flag: “Not Very Patriotic”

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